Influencing an Entire Country with Just Three Metrics

Case Study

Websense – What MIX Can Do with Just Three Metrics

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Websense, while having the largest market share in the world for their space, was having a difficult time generating awareness and a desire to sell their higher-end product to end users in one of their largest revenue sources, Canada.

Elevate the brand beyond a long-standing perception as a simple productivity tool, to a must-have security solution. Underscore and explain through media coverage and blog posts the value of Websense to potential Canadian customers – ultimately influencing their purchasing decisions.

Time and budget constraints eliminated the possibility of a full, formal report to use as a “news hook.” In addition, Canadian IT media is notoriously fickle about covering news from U.S.-based companies without a strong Canadian tie. Lastly, MIX PR had to persuade reporters to invest in writing longer stand-alone and feature stories as opposed to their preferred short news briefs.

Securing Canadian-specific research was the key to securing interest from the Canadian media. Without the time or budget for a formal study or report, MIX PR worked with Websense’s internal security research labs to identify Canadian specific metrics.

MIX PR conducted discussions with the security labs team to identify data necessary to create a compelling story. The statics identified a significant increase in Canadian cybercrime in the form of hosted phishing sites and bot networks. MIX PR then created and prepared a blog post, an infographic and video content for the Websense newsroom to reveal the results of the Canadian cybercrime research. Simultaneously, MIX PR proactively pitched Canadian media outlets with the research to secure interviews and coverage.

With just three Canadian specific metrics, a solid blog post with infographics and video content, this well crafted PR story and pitch, combined with proactive outreach to generate:

  • More than 30 original article in 25 publications
  • 45,000 web syndications
  • More than 60 percent of all coverage either featured a quote from the primary spokes person or a link to the blog, increasing Web traffic to the site and engaging customers
  • Web traffic spiked more than 600 percent over the previous week
  • Interviews were conducted with not only security and trade press, but also with the
  • Largest business publications (The National Post, CBC) and tier-one dailies, including
  • Vancouver Sun, Ottawa Citizen and the Globe and Mail
  • All of this success was completed without issuing a press release, and with just three data points

Case Study PDF