From Also Ran to Thought Leader

Case Study

Even Fortune 100s can struggle

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A major Fortune 100 corporation, while being highly involved in the PCI Security Standards Council, was not gaining traction as a thought leader in the space. As a result, was missing both media opportunities to discuss the issue, but also losing awareness of their Payment Card Industry (PCI) products, resulting in diminishing sales for that solution set.

Get the client back in the mind of key reporters to (re)establish relationships and achieve recognition as a thought leader in this crowded market.
Ultimately, the goal is increased sales for the organization, but with fewer reporters covering products, it becomes a challenge to engage reporters without assembling a credible story or broader trend around the product discussion.

Create a strong wedge issue campaign to alert readers and influence buyers. Engage and entice potential buyers through a perception audit and survey to achieve two objectives:
1. Understand respondents pain points so that we could pass that information to the sales team as intelligence that could help them close the sale.
2. Utilize the results of the survey to drive media engagement, create meaningful coverage and promote the client’s role in the PCI space, ultimately elevating awareness.

MIX PR parsed the survey data to create compelling stories for each individual vertical, plus the tech and business press. Each one of these audiences had a different, industry-specific pitch and discussion of the study’s relevance to their specific audience.

The results were two-fold: MIX PR secured the immediate media coverage needed to elevate the client’s perception in the space; MIX PR was also able to secure long-term relationships with reporters on the client’s behalf for ongoing coverage.

MIX PR was able to secure discussions and media coverage in more than 20 outlets, covering every major vertical. One hundred percent of vertical coverage included a messaging tailored for that audience and industry. Even six months after the survey results, the media and influencers briefed continue to seek out additional comments on the topic. The company now receives between four to six inbound requests on the topic each month, proving the value of building solid relationships with the reporters.

Case Study PDF